Wine Cabinets for Professionals

Designed and manufactured in France in conjunction with some of the country’s top wine stewards (MOF), the Professional Series of wine cabinets from EuroCave encompasses the latest in EuroCave’s technology, greatest features, highest capacity and aesthetic appeal so that you can meet your customers’ requirements as efficiently and professionally as possible.

Features and benefits of Professional Wine Cabinets:

  • Specialised shelving for the presentation and service of wine,
  • A choice of single temperature wine cabinets for cellaring wine, dual temperature for the service of whites and reds or multiple temperature so each wine variety can be served at its ideal drinking temperature,
  • Sturdy ergonomic handle for quick and easy opening,
  • Roller mounted sliding shelves for easy selection of bottles during service,
  • Door protection plates for quick and easy closing.

For over ten years, our Australian partners have supplied EuroCave to many of Australia’s leading restaurants and hotels: Sean’s Kitchen, Vue du Monde, Taxi Dining Room, Jacques Reymond, Cru Bar and many more. View Testimonials for a complete list of establishments who have placed their trust in EuroCave.

EuroCave 1000 Series
1000 Series

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EuroCave 3000 Series
3000 Series

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EuroCave 5000 Series
5000 Series

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EuroCave Showcave

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