Wine Preservation

For Restaurants and Hotels

Understanding the specific requirements of sommeliers and other wine industry professionals, EuroCave created a division of  wine service and preservation equipment completely dedicated to restaurants and hotels; a division steeped in the culture of wine, from the vine to the glass, to offer the end client the best possible wine drinking experience.

SoWine Professional

Respecting the tradition of serving wine from the bottle, Sowine Pro is a wine bar that allows you to serve your ‘wine by the glass’ list at the table.  Sowine Pro allows you to keep 14 bottles of wine at ideal serving temperature, including 8 opened bottles, preserved, for up to 3 weeks.

Wine by the Glass, (Vin au Verre)

EuroCave’s ‘Vin au Verre’ (wine by the glass) is THE innovative solution to serving good quality wine by the glass without wastage. Simple to use, it allows you to present 8 wines by the glass, served at ideal temperature and preserved for up to 3 weeks once opened. Another 8 bottles can be kept in reserve, also at ideal drinking temperature.

For the Home


Sowine, the world’s first home wine bar, is a unique wine preservation and serving system. This award winning product preserves opened wine for up to 10 days and keeps wine at ideal drinking temperature – perfect wine by the glass service at home and no waste!!

Tête a Tête

Tête à Tête is the first service cabinet that also allows you to preserve two uncorked bottles of either white or red wine for up to 10 days. It is simple to use, attractive and technologically innovative – a delight for lovers of fine wines.

SoWine Professional EuroCave NZ Vin au Verre, Wine By The Glass EuroCave NZ EuroCave SoWine - NZ EuroCave Tete a Tete

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Vin au Verre

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Tête a Tête

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