Beautiful, Innovative: The Vin Au Verre (VOV3E) Wine Dispenser System

Offer your guests the best possible glass. Demanded by and designed for industry professionals, EuroCave’s ‘Vin au Verre’ (wine by the glass) pouring system gives sommeliers unparalleled control over their wine list.

This innovative wine dispenser machine is able to store eight open bottles at the perfect temperature without spoilage for up to three weeks. EuroCave is offering restaurant owners and sommeliers the freedom to open up more of their cellar to by-the-glass purchase.

The perfect machine for wine tasting, our VOV3E preserver offers precisely dosed pours in three, six or 12 cl. With the option to indefinitely hold red wine at 15 to 19° C and white at 6 to 12° C., this is the perfect wine tasting system for any varietal or style.

An intelligent system for the perfect glass, every time

Older and more delicate wines can now be offered by the glass with the confidence that the first drop will be as good as the last. Save your business money by serving your existing stock smarter.

Gain an edge on the competition by offering the best bottles by the glass with EuroCave. Part of our Professional Series, our wine tasting dispenser machine ensures you have something other sommeliers don’t. That crucial point of difference could elevate you far above your competitors meaning a more profitable and successful business. With interior lighting, attractive glass doors and high-quality construction, this will add value to your restaurant or bar.

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EuroCave Wine By The Glass VoV3E Preserver
16 Bottle Capacity
Serving Temperature

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