The EuroCave Professional WineBar 8.0

Does potential wastage restrict you from expanding the Wine Program with more top end wines? Launched globally in 2014, the EuroCave WineBar allows you to offer quality wines to customers by the glass from up to 8 open bottles at any given time.

Ideal for bars, hotels and restaurants, the WineBar enhances the overall experience of your customers and enables you to keep all your bottles at optimum serving temperature.

Pouring glasses of wine directly from the bottle is a tradition of wine tasting — this system gives you the ability to:

  • Serve customers with wine by the glass at their table
  • Keep up to 14 wines at perfect serving temperature
  • Preserve up to 8 bottles for as a long as 3 weeks
  • Separate reds and whites in two compartments

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EuroCave WineBar
EuroCave WineBar EuroCave WineBar Amber
EuroCave WineBar Blue EuroCave WineBar Pink
Dimensions: H 612 x W 1076 X D 460
Max Capacity: 14 service bottles including 8 preserved bottles
Temperatures: 6 to 18 degrees for whites, 12 to 18 degrees for reds.
Technology: Compressor system for maximum efficiency.
Lock: Double safety lock.
Lighting: Internal lighting. Can be set to match decor colour.
Doors: Sliding doors with thick glass for better insulation.
Price: $11,950

For restaurants that are serious about their wine list, WineBar allows you to have 14 bottles at an ideal serving temperature, including 8 opened bottles, preserved for up to 10 days.

The only product to serve wine by the glass from the bottle! WineBar contributes to a high quality service by respecting the tradition of serving wine at the table.

Also ideal for wine tasting at wineries and wine merchants, WineBar showcases and preserves opened bottles for tasting for up to 10 days.

Dimensions HxWxD: H 612 x W 1076 X D 460
Weight: 70kg
Maximum capacity: 14 service bottles including 8 preserved bottles
Temperatures:  6 to 18 degrees for whites, 12 to 18 degrees for reds
Number of temperatures:  2
Control:  Remote control
Compartment temp:  Red or White wine whatever the compartment
Shelves:  n/a
Bottle lighting:  Interior display with multicolour LED (choice of colours to set via remote control)
Top:  Black tempered glass
Lock:  Double safety lock
Door detail:  Glass with UV protection
Ambient temp limit:  0 – 35 degrees Celcius
Technology  Individual wine preservation air extraction system (new system)
Range:  Professional Series
Colour:  Black body
Warranty:  One year warranty
Cooling agent:  R134a sans CFC


WineBar Technical Data
WineBar Technical Data