Eurocave has set the worldwide standard for over 3 decades

Since 1976, EuroCave has been a global leader in the wine industry, creating systems that offer superior preservation and display experiences for both experts and connoisseurs alike. All over the world, our cabinets and fridges are trusted to house over 200 million bottles of fine wine, making us a trusted name when it comes to creating the largest range of custom systems on the market.

What sets us apart from the rest?

Our team of over 200 staff are made up of industry experts and professional engineers, meaning that we understand the importance of creating the best conditions that allow your bottles to mature in exactly the way the winemaker would have intended. This is why we endeavour to include only the best features in all of our wine racking systems, including secure storage design, ideal serving temperatures and varying shelving sizes that easily house a diverse collection of bottles.

This commitment has led EuroCave to establish a world-class reputation for elegance and excellence in over 70 countries worldwide. Our fridges and cabinets are designed and created in France and found not only throughout New Zealand, from Queenstown to Dunedin, Wellington, Christchurch and beyond, but in restaurants and wineries across the globe.

The features we know you’ll love

As industry leaders, EuroCave thrives on creating the most innovative designs for our customers the world over. Here are just a few of the features that make our range stand out…

  • A focus on being economical and energy efficient, achieving the top energy ratings available.
  • The most silent and stable design on the market.
  • Always delivering reliable internal temperatures that keep your bottles in perfect condition.
  • Easily access every bottle of wine with our customisable, roller-mounted shelving.
  • The largest range of cabinet features and product finishes available.
  • The only wine cabinets that include an automatic humidity alarm system.

Hitting the highest standards, every time

Our notoriously high design expectation has resulted in the creation of four main goals that we aim to deliver through each of our products, no matter what you choose. They are:

  1. Guaranteeing a level of accuracy that will save you time.
  2. Enriching your wine tasting experience.
  3. Understanding and valuing the culture, language and activities that lends itself to wine.
  4. Encouraging the development and enjoyment of French wine and winemaking.

Browse our range of superior racking systems

Join thousands of wine aficionados across the world by investing in one of our top of the range racking systems. Call us today with any questions or enquiries and our team of professional staff would be more than happy to help.