EuroCave Classic Wine Cabinet E283
EuroCave Classic Wine Cabinet E283 EuroCave Classic Wine Cabinet E283
EuroCave Classic Wine Cabinet E283 EuroCave Classic Wine Cabinet E283

Classic E283 Wine Cabinet

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Size: Large
Max Capacity: 179 Bottles
Temperature: 3
Door: Full Solid or Glass
Shelving Packages: Access Pack
Colour/s: Choose from a range of 10 colours or Stainless Steel
From:  $6,390


The wine cabinets in the Classic range offer a wide range of functions, finishes and internal arrangements. The 3-temperature cabinet is ideal for storing and bringing your white and red wines to the correct temperature. It features 3 separate temperature zones: – a central zone for storing your wine at a temperature of 10 – 14°C, – a chilling compartment at the bottom with a temperature of 6 – 10°C, – a red service temperature compartment (16 – 20°C) at the top.

The control unit with tactile keys enables extremely accurate temperature and hygrometry management. The cabinet temperature remains constant thanks to the dual hot/cold circuit. Hygrometry management is comprehensive: EuroCave measures, displays, monitors and provides warnings.


E283 Shelving Configuration


Dimensions HxWxD: 1744x654x689 mm
Weight: 89 kg
Maximum capacity: 198 bottles
Amplitude settings: 6 to 20°
Number of temperatures: 3
Control: Electronic regulation from 9 to 15°C (maturing) and 15 to 22°C (warming) 2 regulation dials Internal regulation Internal electronic display Hygrometry display Visual alarms in instance of faults
Outdoor temperature of use (mini/maxi): 12°C/25°C
Shelves: Access Pack
Type of shelves: 3 storage shelves (AXUH) + 3 sliding shelves (ACMS)
Carbon filter: Yes
Lock: Yes
Door detail: Glass door with black aluminium frame
Reversible door: Yes
Handle: Plastic Body
Bottle lighting: Yes
Technology: Cool air production: Static cooling; Compressor Hot air production: Resistance Hot air release: Automatic Side characteristics: SRA Aluminium Exterior coating characteristics: Melamine panels Insulation characteristics: Polyurethane foam
Door: Glazed
Range: Classic
Color: Black
Warranty: 3 years for parts, labour and call-out


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