World-class Wine Cabinets from Our Revelation Range

Known throughout New Zealand and the rest of the world as the most innovative range of wine storage systems, EuroCave’s new Revelation Wine Cabinet truly says it all in the name; it’s simply a revelation.

These cabinets are feature-heavy, integrating every renowned feature from our Pure Range, with the addition of deeper shelves that accommodate for a more diverse selection of bottles and a perfect energy efficiency ranking without compromising on the superior nature of our temperature systems. These first-class features add yet another dimension to the range as they combine with the luxurious qualities that we are known for. After all, not only are we acknowledged throughout New Zealand, including Auckland, Christchurch, Dunedin, Queenstown and Wellington, but amongst wine connoisseurs the world over.

EuroCave Wine Fridge Revelation Range EuroCave Wine Fridge Revelation Range Large EuroCave Wine Fridge Revelation Range EuroCave Wine Fridge Revelation Range Large
Small (74 – 92 bottles)
Single Temperature

From: $9,590 (5 Soft Close Sliding Shelves)

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Large (182 – 223 bottles)
Single Temperature
Price: $13,950 (14 Soft Close Sliding Shelves)

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Small (74 bottles)
Multiple Temperature

From: $9,890 (5 Soft Close Sliding Shelves)

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Large (182 bottles)
Multiple Temperature
Price: $14,390 (14 Soft Close Sliding Shelves)

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Features included in our premium Revelation Range:

    • Innovatively designed soft closing shelves guarantee smooth and quiet functioning to ensure minimal interruption to your wine.
    • Improved ‘Main du Sommelier’ support included for each bottle, ensuring that every shape and length is catered to.
    • The choice between light oak or gloss black facing on your shelf.
    • Superior, UV-free display lighting that enhances the look of the entire cabinet by immersing it in a body of soft light that adds elegance and class to your treasured collection.
    • A state of the art inventory system that uses steel plates to label each bottle, making it easy to find while adding an air of sophistication in its detail. 6 labels are included with each feature.
    • • For your peace of mind, we include a 5 year labour and parts warranty.

Design details that are also found in our Pure Range of cabinets

  • A superior energy rating that boasts 55% lower energy consumption than more conventional cabinets on the market, making them environmentally friendly and extremely economical in their functions.
  • An increased distance between shelves now gives way for larger 750ml bottles.
  • Elegant and refined double glazed glass door that is made out of an argon gas filled, low emission material designed by our range of expert engineers.
  • Superior alarm systems that come with the sleekest control panel design to date.
  • A reliable, durable locking system for your peace of mind.
  • A range of material choices to ensure that your chosen feature complements your existing décor.
  • New removable handle feature.
  • The ability to be combined with existing custom cabinets, allowing for a comprehensive, built-in design.
  • Easy to clean and resistant to scratches, impact, abrasion and heat.

Each and every wine cabinet in our range can be customised to your specific preferences and needs to ensure that you are entirely satisfied with the finished product.

These wine cabinets are truly exemplary and a dream addition to the cellar of any avid collector.

Contact us today on 0800 656 198 to have your questions and enquiries addressed by our expert team of staff.

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