Modulosteel Wine Racks

Built from high-quality materials and composed of durable steel, EuroCave’s Modulosteel racking system allows the connoisseur unlimited customisation in storing their wine. Its modular construction allows the shelves to be joined to each other or to suit curved or arched ceilings.

EuroCave’s innovative Mains du Sommelier (Hands of the Sommelier) shelving delicately and securely holds your collection. Their concave inner ensures maximum contact with your bottles meaning they are incapable of moving on the shelf.

This revolutionary system reduces contact between bottles meaning no more clinking or rattling. With the option to either lie the bottles flat or tilt them for display, this is a perfect solution for home and commercial cellars alike.

With the option for a variety of finishes and wooden storage units, the collector can adapt each shelf to best complement each room. Designed for easy assembly, the Modulosteel system can be erected quickly by anyone. A robust screw system at the top of the unit ensuring a secure, flush fit in your cellar or display area.

 EuroCave Modulosteel Wine Rack Frame

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