Servicing Equipment, Wine Cabinets and Preservation Solutions for Queenstown

Since 1976, EuroCave has been presenting the world with innovative solutions to help better preserve and present the best bottle of wine possible. These days, we still continue to offer our expertise as industry leaders to customers across Queenstown, allowing connoisseurs and businesses to experience true superior quality.

Put your best drop forward with our wine fridges

Continuing to break ground in the industry, our name as the inventors of the first ever wine cabinet has helped us create our reputation for excellence. With a collection of options available—ranging from servicing equipment, through to preservation essentials—our cabinets and fridges assist wine lovers to enjoy their bottle each and every time.

Innovation starts here

Our dedication to the industry is formed off both passion for the perfect drop and our love of helping others enjoy it too. Our customers throughout Queenstown and surrounding areas have long trusted us to deliver them exceptional products that ensure their collection is presented, displayed and preserved to the absolute highest standard. All of this contributes to our overall success, allowing us to continue offering our established offering across the globe.

An unbeatable range

Each of our wine fridges and cabinets are available for all Queenstown enthusiasts to browse and buy. If you’re not sure which option suits you best, our team of specialists are more than happy to guide you through the many products we have available. Call 021 656 198, or send us a message through the online contact form. Alternatively, browse our range of conditioners, racks, cabinets and other solutions on our website.