Elite C7/C8 Wine Cabinet


Made from solid beech and contemporary in style, the Elite range is available in a multitude of combinations, including the choice of a small and/or large wine cabinet, bar module or cigar humidor.

Designed to house small or large capacity Classic range wine cabinets, the Elite range allows you to create a unique personalised item of furniture, whilst offering all the advantages of EuroCave technology.



The Elite range allows you to customise the look and configuration of your EuroCave wine cabinet complement your home. Select from eight various timbers and finishes to create completely different looks and co-ordinate with your existing furniture and decor. To see the full range of finishes available, please click here.

This unit is a real statement piece for your home, positioned in a lounge room, dining room or study. Perfect if you have a large wine collection, it includes space for a large wine cabinet, a small wine cabinet and a bar module. Having two cabinets means that you can set each to different temperatures to accommodate differing needs. The bar module is set at the perfect height for serving and provides convenient access to glasses and other accessories so that you don’t even need to leave the room to enjoy a glass of wine.

Each furniture piece is custom built to accommodate a EuroCave wine cabinet and you can select from the Pure, Revelation and Professional Series 6000 range. Single temperature wine cabinets can be set to cellar wine long term or to one particular varietal’s ideal drinking temperature. Multiple temperature wine cabinets allow you to keep all varietals at their ideal drinking temperature.

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