The ultimate in quality and design with an A+ energy rating.

Uses 55% less energy than traditional wine cabinets.

Unique shelving that can be customised to your collection.

Can be built in to joinery or under stairs.

EuroCave Pure Range Wine Cabinets

With an A+ energy efficiency rating, the EuroCave Pure Range represents a new generation of wine cabinets. Launched in 2014, this range is suited to those who truly appreciate design quality and functionality.

Pure cabinets feature EuroCave’s state of the art materials, engineering and technology, ensuring your wine is afforded superior storage conditions and protection. EuroCave Pure Range cabinets also incorporate innovative roller mounted shelving that allows for greater accessibility.

As the industry leader, EuroCave combines cutting edge technology with environmental conscience. The EuroCave Pure Range is the most energy efficient, economical range of wine cabinets on the market. Consuming up to 55% less energy than our competitiors the EuroCave Pure Range is not only kind to the environment – it’s also kind to your wallet. There are a number of features that distinguish the EuroCave Pure Range. Over-sized 750ml bottles are becoming increasingly common here in New Zealand, and to account for this the distance between the shelves has been increased across this range to reduce that annoying label scraping!


Revelation Small

PURE Small

74  bottles
From: $9,790 (incl 4 shelves)

Revelation Small

PURE Medium

141 bottles
From: $12,590 (incl 10 shelves)

Revelation Small

PURE Large

182 bottles
From: $15,390 (incl 14 shelves)

Revelation Small

PURE Large Dual Zone

170 bottles
From: $15,390 (incl 13 shelves)

The EuroCave Pure Range incorporates a number of other premium features, such as a choice of stylish finishes, striking door options, UV-free lighting for better wine storage, an improved fan system for better air circulation, alarms and a sleek control panel design. These premium features are not available across the Premiere Range.

These innovative, premium quality wine cabinets can be tailored to your specific requirements, ensuring you and  are able to enjoy fine quality wine at its best.

Impact resistant, scratch resistant, abrasion resistant, heat resistant. A truly innovative cabinet that’s easy to maintain.

Pure, EuroCave’s most popular range of wine cabinets.

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