EuroCave Modulo-X is the gold standard in wine racking offering the ultimate in flexibility and sophistication

Modulosteel - Personalise your cellar with modules designed to create a modern look.

Modulotheque - Personalise your cellar with modules made of beautiful French Oak.

Modulorack - Showcase your wine in its original box.

Racking systems to create your dream cellar.

Quality Wine Racks to suit all situations

Your wine collection should be stored and displayed as efficiently and effectively as possible. EuroCave wine racking is both functional and looks fantastic!

EuroCave offer a collection of metal and wooden wine racks that combine style, functionality and flexibility. All EuroCave wine racks are modular, so they can be configured to meet your specific needs. They can also be combined to provide the perfect solution for any space, no matter how large or small.

Modulo-X Wine Racks


Our latest system offering top of the line flexibility and sophistication

Modulosteel Wine Racks


A contemporary steel modular system can be configured many ways.
Modulorack Wine Racks


Roller mounted sliding tray system. Showcase wine in their original wooden cases.
Modulotheque Wine Racks


Superior French Oak racking system. Endless configurations.


This modular wine rack provides you with the ultimate in flexibility and sophistication. You can customise the configuration to suit your space and achieve your desired style. Chose between floor to ceiling or floor to wall installation


Display bottles in their original wooden cases. With an exclusive roller mounted sliding tray system, it is quick and easy to access the bottles you need. Practical and stylish, this quality wine rack is suitable for both commercial cellars and home usage.


The Modulosteel wine rack offers infinate configuration options. Suitable for home cellars, bars and wine retail stores, this racking system is easy to assemble and can be tailored to suit your changing needs. As stylish as it is practical, this modular wine rack is ideally suited to rooms with a modern theme.


Simple yet effective, these solid French oak modular units provide a wide range of shelving and racking options. With roller mounted shelving, vertical bottle holders and pivoting module displays, this racking system allows you to conveniently access the bottles you need. This system is more than a storage unit – it is an elegant piece of furniture that can adapted to suit the shape and size of any room.

If you’re looking for modular wine racks that are as stylish as they are functional, EuroCave is your manufacturer of choice. With wine racks for cellars, homes, bars and restaurants, we’re sure to have a design that meets your specific requirements.

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