Zalto Denk’Art Mystique Decanter


  • Stunning blend of art and architecture to form a most stunning decanter
  • Vol. 1900 ml
  • Mouth-blown, Austrian crystal
  • Dishwasher safe and lead free


Beautifully designed and proportioned, the Mystique decanter is large enough to develop the aromas and flavors of red and full-bodied white wine from magnum bottles, whilst still comfortably sitting on the table.

The angled piece makes for intelligent architecture whilst also being a practical pleasure to pour and use.

Mouth-blown, Austrian crystal. Dishwasher safe.

Holds 1900 ml

Master of Wine Jancis Robinson comments on ZALTO Glassware in the Financial Times

“…the glasses that have most impressed me recently, from Zalto, with a similarly rather Scandinavian shape. They are designed by ‘the wine priest, Father Denk’ and the bowls are tilted at the angles of 24, 48 and 72 degrees, which are in accordance to the tilt angles of the earth’. Who knew?

What I love is that Zalto glasses are the thinnest and most delicate glasses I have come across, yet seem springy and almost elastic in the hand. The Zaltos were originally Venetian, but the glasses are made in northern Austria and over the border in the Czech Republic. Best of all, the manufacturers say they are best washed in a regular dishwasher…they are not cheap, but they are cheaper than many of Riedel’s top models and would give any serious wine lover a real thrill over the closeness of contact they offer.”

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