An inspiring piece in any living space with atmospheric lighting available in blue, amber or red.

Champagne Cabinets

A Champagne cabinet is the peak of luxury allowing you to cellar or serve sparkling wine.
Designed and built exclusively for sparkling wine, the Champagne cabinet creates a striking feature in any space. The ice-bucket-inspired presentation shelf makes a statement of special bottles, complemented with luxurious leather cladding and stainless steel bottle supports uniquely created to suit concave-bottom bottles.

EC Champagne Cabinet

EuroCave Champagne Cabinet Small

19 – 35 bottles
$11,990 (incl 3 shelves)

EC Champagne Cabinet

EuroCave Champagne Cabinet Large

91 bottles
$22,490 (incl 10 shelves)

EC Champagne Cabinet

EuroCave Champagne Cabinet Large (Presentation Shelf)

35 – 75 bottles
$26,590 (incl 1 pres shelf & 7 std shelves)

Features included in our Champagne Range:

  • Bottle supports suited to all concave bottom Champagne bottles, including magnums.
  • Two cabinet sizes to suit your space and collection.
  • Single temperature range between 5°C and 12°C. Set to 6°C to have Champagne at ideal serving temperature or 12°C for cellaring and aging.
  • Rotating ice-bucket-inspired shelf showcases your Champagne.
  • Iridescent glossy finishes and leather cladding on shelves give a sophisticated aesthetic.
  • Choice of amber, blue or red lighting with multiple settings available.
  • Glossed black back panel gives depth and complements cabinet lighting.
  • Soft close sliding shelves that can be customised to suit your collection.
  • “A” Energy Rating means your cabinet is gentle on the environment and economical to run.

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