Module system allows you to customise racking.

Powder-coated black steel creates a modern look.

Adjustable shelves to display bottles or lie them down.


EuroCave Modulosteel wine racking system can be personalised and assembled in a number of ways, all thanks to its modules which can be joined or placed next to each other.


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  • Constructed from steel in black finish.
  • Available in two height and two width options.
  • Main du Sommelier shelving offers secure bottle storage.
  • Adjustable shelves allow you to store bottles lying down for maximum capacity or in an angled presentation position.
  • Can be attached to a wall to provide increased stability.
  • You can add columns to your Modulosteel system as you wine collection grows.
  • Easily assembled with adjustable feet.
  • The wine case option has shelves with a timber finish for contrast.
  • Add the table top option for a complete finish or for extra bench space.
  • Sliding trays available for box storage.


Full-height Frame
(One side only)

When assembled: Accommodates 17 shelves
H2000 x W60 x D505 (mm)

Product Code: MS2
Unit Price $890

Full-height Wine Racks
Note that Frames (MS2) are Required Too

Capacity: 136 bottles
17 shelves, 8 bottles per shelf
H2000 x W600 x D505 (mm)

Product Code: MS1
Unit Price $1050

Full-height Wine Racks
 Note That Frames (MS2) Are Required Too

Capacity: 85 bottles
17 shelves, 5 bottles per shelf
H2000 x W400 x D505 (mm)

Product Code: MS1-L40
Unit Price $830

Half-height Frame
(One side only)

When assembled: Accommodates 9 shelves
H1160 x W60 x D505 (mm)

Product Code: MS2DEMI
Unit Price $735

Half-Height Wine Racks
Note That Frames (MS2 DEMI) Rae Required Too

Capacity: 72 bottles
9 shelves, 8 bottles per shelf
H1160 x W600 x D505 (mm)

Product Code: MS1DEMI
Unit Price $835


Table Top – Standard
For full or mid-height frames
H25 x W658 x D412 (mm)

Product Code: OMS2
Unit Price $395

Table Top – Narrow

For narrow frames
H25 x W458 x D412 (mm)

Product Code: OMS2-L40
Unit Price $345

Case with 6 x Sliding Shelves
Capacity: 72 bottles
6 shelves, 12 bottles per shelf
H664 x 595W x D584 (mm)

Product Code: OMS1
Unit Price $1,740

Sliding Tray
Each tray holds a 12 bottle box.
Wooden boxes NOT included.

Product Code: OMS4 – Rack
Unit Price $420

3 x Cross Bars – Narrow
For attaching frames together
when installing sliding trays.

Product Code: MTRAVERSES-L40
Unit Price $415

Mid-high Level Support
For attaching full-height and mid-height frames together.

Product Code: OMS3
Unit Price $95

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