Statement pieces that store, protect and display your wine.

Elite - Beautiful furniture pieces to complement your home.

Cigar Humidor - The perfect environment to preserve and protect cigars.

Collection - Co-ordinate your wine cabinet with your home’s decor.

Showcave - the ultimate way to display and enjoy your wine.

Exclusive Cabinets

These EuroCave cabinets do more than just store your wine perfectly, they are elegant, luxurious showpieces for your home or business.

ShowCave is the ultimate statement that you take your wine seriously. Combining leading edge technology and bespoke design, the ShowCave will proudly display your finest wines.

Our Elite and Collection range allows you to customise your wine cabinet display to match contemporary or traditional decors.

EuroCave cigar humidors provide perfect cigar storage and preservation conditions for cigar enthusiasts and these can also be co-ordinated with your wine cabinet to present a beautiful, seamless wine room in your home.

ShowCave Wine Cabinets Professional


The ultimate statement.

EuroCave Collection


Modern designs incorporating coloured panels.

EuroCave Elite


Cabinets constructed from European timber.

EuroCave Wine Cabinets

Cigar Humidor

The ultimate way to preserve and display your cigar collection.

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