Wine Cellar Conditioner – INOA 50

With a soundproof box and silent blocks for an acoustic pressure 8 dBA less than a conventional air-conditioner, the Inoa 50 runs quieter than any competing single-unit system on the market. Thanks to an energy-saving speed adjustment system that works based on ambient temperature, this model depends less on the compressor and can operate efficiently without the need of continual function. By placing the wireless management system nearby your wine bottles, you can view and adjust the temperature of your cellar with the click of a button on the remote control.

You can also enjoy the benefit of simple installation, as the single-unit design contains both the evaporator and the compressor in one.

Warning: Typically, common manufacturing materials do not function well as insulators. For this reason, we highly recommend that the area is properly insulated for the use of an air-conditioner so that you can get the most out of the Inoa 50. Without taking this measure, you run the risk of using up to 3 times more power consumption for the appliance to run properly.

Dimensions HxWxD:385x322x1250 mm
Outdoor temperature of use (mini/maxi):-5°C/35°C
Warranty:2 years for parts, labour and call-out

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