EuroCave Compact Wine Cabinet V059

Dimensions:H830 x W595 x D550 mm (height adjustable)
Capacity:38 bottles*
Temperature:Single** or Multiple***
Product Codes:V-059V3 (Single Temp) or S-059V3 (Multiple Temp)
Temperature Range:5-20°C (enhanced fan system ensures even temperature distribution)
Control:Touch screen electronic temperature and humidity display, alarm and filter countdown
Energy Rating:A (Full Seamless Glass door)
132 kWh/year – Uses up to 55% less energy than traditional cabinets
Door:Full Glass Door (double glazed, argon filled & UV protected) or Integrated Door.See ‘Shelves’ Tab.
Opening:Right or left hinge (Full Glass Door interchangeable)
Lock:Robust locking system with two keys and keyring
Handle:Stainless Steel / Sleek Black Handle
Shelving Types:Roller mounted sliding shelves (ACMSC), Storage shelves (AXLNH) and / or presentation kit (AOPRES)
Shelving Configuration:Up to 4 shelves. We offer various shelving configurations
Shelves Facia:Light Timber
Shelving Spacing:Greater distance between shelves to fit wider bottles and eliminate label scratching
Bottle Supports:“Main du Sommeliers” cradle each bottle and have a rubber rim to further reduce vibration. These can slide or be removed so that all bottles fit perfectly.
Shelf Labels:Labels come with each shelf
Lighting:Internal UV free lighting
Noise:Almost silent
Filter:Carbon filter ensures air remains fresh
Outdoor Temp:0-35°C
Cold Production:Compressor (R600a gas)
Inner Material:Aluminum
Exterior Coating:High density fiber
Insulation Type:PU foam (59mm)
Warranty:2 years
Price:From $6,990 (incl 4 sliding shelves)*
*Bottle capacity and pricing is determined by the number and type of shelves. Shelving can be configured to provide you with the best solution for your wine collection.
** Single Temperature cabinets are ideal for cellaring all wine.
*** Multiple Temperature allows a gradation of temperature within your cabinet so all wine varietals are at their ideal drinking temperature.

Wine enthusiasts wanting an under-bench or small, single temperature wine cabinet in their kitchen or pantry for cellaring their best wine, or for maintaining white wine at ideal drinking temperature.

As with all Compact / Integrated wine cabinets, the V059 incorporates the same premium features as the Classic Range, in a streamlined design to fit standard kitchen cabinetry or furniture pieces. You can choose a glass door to display your wines, or your cabinet can be fully integrated (hidden) into your cabinetry for a minimal clean aesthetic.

EuroCave Compact Wine Cabinet 059 Shelving Configuration
EuroCave Compact Wine Cabinet V059
EuroCave Compact Wine Cabinet V059EuroCave Compact Wine Cabinet V059EuroCave Compact Wine Cabinet
Compact Integrated Door OptionCompact Full Glass Door OptionCompact Integrated Door
EuroCave Compact Wine CabinetEuroCave Compact Wine CabinetEuroCave Compact Wine Cabinet
Compact Integrated DoorCompact Integrated Door OptionCompact Integrated Door
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Dimensions HxWxD:832x594x555 mm
Weight:43 kg
Capacity:38 – 56 bottles
Amplitude settings:10° to 14°
Number of temperatures:1
Control:Electronic regulation from 5 to 20°C: 1 regulation dial: Internal regulation: Electronic display: Hygrometry display: Visual alarms in instance of fault
Outdoor temperature of use (mini/maxi):0°C/35°C
Shelves:4 Sliding or 1 Sliding & 1 Storage or 1 Storage
Type of shelves:Sliding shelf (ACMSC),
Carbon filter:Yes
Door detail:Full Glass or Glass (black framed) or Solid or Integrated
Reversible door:Yes
Handle:ABS grad plastic
Bottle lighting:Yes
Technology:Cool air production: thermodynamics; compressor Hot air production: Resistance Hot air release: Automatic Side characteristics: SRA Aluminium Exterior coating characteristics: Melamine panels Insulation characteristics: Polyurethane foam
Door:Solid or Glass
Warranty:3 years for parts, labour and call-out

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